To be best among the best…

Markus Kutsch
…it needs practice,patience,more patience and more practice.
You learn to draw by drawing.(Mick Maslen)

This phrase by artist Mick Maslen hits the nail on the head. Do not be afraid to paint your figure with oil paints. Or to make your first diorama. Just because you think you’re not good enough. You’ll never find out until you get it doing. You can only get better.

I saw the light of the world in August 1972(Aachen/Germany). At the age of ten, I thought that there had to be more to do than cause trouble in the neighborhood and screw on the bike. So I started investing my pocket money in Matchbox kits. Quickly assembled and hastily painted, the tanks and planes landed on the shelf the ceiling or New Year’s Eve blew up. After I discovered in puberty that I can also screw on girls, the beautiful hobby scale modelling/plastic modelling has been shelved for several years. After a lot of changes in the past years, I found back into the hobby around 2011. With the goal this time not only to build for me but also to show my models. Pretty soon I started to participate in competitions. To my surprise, even successful.
Starting in the millitary area, I shifted my interest in science fiction to give my creative vein more space (blood).
The right decision for me … freedom in all areas.
I am to meet at many events in the area Germany as well as Belgium and the Netherlands. Alone or in the company of my colleagues of the “Modellbauteam Düsseldorf”.
Hope to see you and please contact me if you got questions to my projects or other and for improvements.

“Your Imagination sets the Limits”

                                                   Markus Kutsch /The Plastic Bench