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  1. Hello Everybody.
    Picture Zoom Problem is solved.
    Tomorrow i post the first pics of the Little Red Riding Hood.
    Thank you for watching.
    Best wishes….Markus

  2. I don’t like not being able to zoom in on the photos ,, at least on the laptop .
    I’m open to edification 🙂
    What is that rusty-slatty thing on the M26’s engine deck ?
    Thanks , Markus

  3. Hallo Markus , very nice, interesting and of “clean”design site. Really interesting dioramas, and convention pics were very enjoyable as well! I wish You lots and lots of Inspiration – May the Muses Bless You. Always .
    -Maestosa Arte

  4. Hey Markus nice looking site and your projects are looking very nice. You are a great inspiration for me and a lot of other modelers. Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks for checking it out .
    Happy to see I was successful in registering for the email alerts ,,, was a bit confusing – thought I might not have completed the loop when I saw that my comment above said it was ” awaiting verification ” or something to that effect .
    Anywaze , Thanks for the invite !

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